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Multi-Channel Retail

Know the impact your website has on offline purchase, and know why they aren’t buying online or offline. Understand the full customer journey of your visitors.

Having a clear picture of the impact your brick-and-mortar stores & online presence each has on your bottom line is crucial to making effective business decisions.

Use Cases

Digital Impact

Measure the impact the site has on brand consideration and offline purchase

Offline Conversion

Identify the rate at which each audience segment buys offline, buys from a competitor, or doesn’t buy at all and why

Website Optimization & Redesign

Understand the net impact each page has on visitors and understand which existing problems should be prioritized to fix while planning a new site

Campaign Effectiveness

Learn how campaigns are impacting conversion, awareness, and perceptions

Case Studies

Beauty Shop

Lifted Sales $7M

Multi-channel Retailer

Campaign conversion was low...but why?

Couple with Mobile Phone

3x Online Conversion Rate

Multi-channel Retailer | Ecommerce

Turning around 90% cart abandonment


Questions We Answer

Why do many visitors reserve products online but never visit the store to purchase?

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