Know the Impact of Every Interaction

What We Do

KnowClick measures the entire customer journey of your visitors, the impact of each touch point, and provides the truth on why each touch point succeeds or fails

Quantify the Total Impact of Digital

Know how much total revenue, including offline sales, is driven by your website and digital campaigns so you can align spending to impact

Connect Intent to Behavior

Discover what’s really preventing visitors from accomplishing their goals and how to fix it

Uncover What Is (or isn’t) Working

We uncover how each page and each campaign really performs at influencing purchase

Measure The Full Customer Journey

Measure who is visiting your website, their needs, what they do before and after their visit, what ads they see and who they ultimately buy from

Metrics With Meaning

Get actionable metrics that identify key problems and provide insight on how to fix them

Content Performance

Visitor Satisfaction by Content Viewed

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How We Help

Get The Truth

Know what visitors really need, what stops them from acting, and how many really buy offline. Make decisions based on facts, not assumptions

Recommendations Based on Predicted Impact

We prioritize recommendations based on predicted impact and validate these against actual behavior. You’ll get a clear business case for making the changes

Exceptional Business Results

We are all about results. Our unique insight uncovers exactly how to drive more sales, leads, and conversions. The average ROI for our clients is over 30 to 1

Who We Help

Our clients span industries.
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