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While web measurement is great at telling you what visitors do on your site, it doesn’t tell you why 95%+ leave without buying.
KnowClick uncovers the exact reasons why the people visiting aren’t converting at your website and prioritizes the changes that will drive more conversions.

Use Cases

Conversion Rate Optimization

Identify problems that are hurting conversion. Measure the impact the site has on brand consideration and offline purchase

Personalization & Targeted Testing

Learn why why tests succeed/fail and what to test next. Identify key information that should to be tailored to each audience type

Website Optimization & Redesign

Understand the net impact each page has on visitors and understand which existing problems should be prioritized to fix while planning a new site

Campaign Effectiveness & Attribution

Learn how campaigns are impacting conversion, awareness, and perceptions. Find out which are reaching people who would've bought anyway

Case Studies

Computer with Graph

Doubled Digital Marketing Budget


Answering the questions web analytics raised

Couple with Mobile Phone

3x Online Conversion Rate

Multi-channel Retailer | Ecommerce

Turning around 90% cart abandonment


Questions We Answer

Who are the people who aren't converting?

How are they different from those who do convert?

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