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KnowClick for Life Sciences

As a life sciences company, you thrive on insights and breakthroughs - and at KnowClick, we do too. KnowClick’s “In-the-Moment” insight solution helps you create more impactful digital experiences by capturing user feedback & needs at the moment of interaction.

By uncovering what your actual users think and feel while they interact with your website and digital marketing, KnowClick can help answer critical questions like whether your digital initiatives:

            - Satisfy or frustrate visitors

            - Educate or alienate patients and caregivers

            - Persuade or discourage doctor conversations and
new scripts

Plus, we connect this feedback to each visitor’s unique behaviors - helping you quickly optimize your digital outreach by seeing exactly what does & doesn’t work.

Customer Centricity

Get profound customer insight in-journey


Maximize the impact of digital


Reach & identify underserved segments


Increase adherence & fulfillment

KnowClick Provides Insights to Help Life Sciences With

Woman & Doctor

How We Do It

KnowClick uses advanced technology to enable in-the-moment user insights at the point of interaction. 

  • Industry-leading response rates averaging 20%+ 

    • Our behaviorally adaptive intercept surveys are optimized for the best response, delivering accurate, unbiased data and insights 

  • Our insights from surveys + behavior are 4X more actionable than surveys alone

    • Every response is connected to that visitor’s real-time behavior. For example, if someone is frustrated, we can pinpoint what page and content caused it - and how you can fix it

  • We’re a full-service solution (with simple implementation)

    • From survey creation to analysis, insights, and recommendations we manage and deliver every part of the research process

"In-the-Moment" Research Insight Helps Key Digital Initiatives

Pill Variety

Test, learn, and optimize to identify problems and opportunities, maximize reach, and generate profound and strategic customer insights

Surgical Lights

Discover the transformative power of in-the-moment research with  KnowClick. Let's get started!

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Our Clients

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Many others including medical device companies, specialty pharmaceuticals, consumer health, hospitals, payers,  pharmacies, non-profits, suppliers to life science companies, and more.

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