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Better Treatment Outcomes by Uncovering Unmet Patient Informational Needs

Increasing Patient Fulfillment & Adherence for Current & New Scripts

KnowClick’s in-the-moment research on actual visitors to a cardiovascular drug's website uncovered an unexpected problem and opportunity.

Since the site was designed for acquisition only, it missed a critical opportunity to help the brand’s adherence problem. Key insights included:

  • Most visitors were on therapy, and half of them were deciding whether to stay on the product or not 

  • They needed very different information from what was currently available on the site 

  • The website wasn’t helping these visitors; many ended up quitting therapy

This insight led the brand to prioritize building a site that helped promote adherence, increasing retention and saving lives.


Pharma | Cardiovascular Drug

Website Goal:

Pre-KnowClick: Acquisition
Post-KnowClick: Adherence, Fulfillment, & Acquisition

KnowClick Insights

There was a significant gap between actual patient needs and assumed needs. KnowClick also revealed that the site experience missed the opportunity to help the most important patients.

Current Patients at High Risk of Stopping Treatment

57% of visitors were taking product (~500,000 per year);  of them, half were unsure if they should keep taking or were planning to stop.


Many of these patients were not going to talk to their doctor because they were  embarrassed to discuss ending treatment.


Helping them talk to their doctor is critical, because patients will have a heart attack or stroke if they stop.

New Patients Hesitant to Fill Script

16% of visitors just got their first prescription for this product (~140,000 visiting per year).


Despite very high website engagement, over 1/3 of these new Rx visitors left uncertain why they should fill their first prescription.


They were most interested in getting follow-up questions to ask their doctor but the site didn't have this content.

Client Actions

Client overhauled site to be more patient-centric, focusing on the needs of current and prospective patients in the moment. Added content to facilitate quality patient-doctor discussions based on real unmet needs of patients in all stages of treatment.


Increased opportunity to reach at-risk patients, improved experience for newly prescribed, and improved satisfaction for all segments

How We Did It

Reaching real users in the moment and linking behavior to intent delivers breakthrough insights

Launched high response surveys, capturing extensive information about visitor needs/intentions and then connecting that to their website behavior. 

Measuring Site Impact

By comparing visitor intent on arrival vs on exit, we measured how the website visit impacted intent on goals like prescription compliance. By connecting change in intent to website behavior, we saw how different content viewed impacted visitors.

  1. Capturing visitor intentions & goal barriers at key pages

  2. Connecting these intentions & barriers to their actual online behavior

  3. Analyzing that data based on audience segment (current patient, newly prescribed, etc.)

Getting Actionable Insights

Surveying Real Visitors
In the Moment


Do people really respond to these surveys?

Yes, if every aspect of the survey is done correctly.
Our industry-leading response rates average >20% for patient and healthcare professional websites. 

To get this type of response rate, you need technology that triggers the survey at the right time and adapts questions based on behavior, among many other important steps.

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