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55% Lift in Leads Becoming Customers

>100% Lift for Campaigns

The client was very good at driving leads, but only 9% became customers. The low conversion limited the profitability of campaigns and growth. The client thought the main problem was effectively following up via email with new leads.


Consumer Brand

Website Goal:

Drive leads

KnowClick Insights

Only 1 in 4 leads knew the company’s value proposition

The client did a great job making it easy to sign up, but the tradeoff was much less education about the brand – new leads immediately left the site and typically didn’t respond to follow-up promotions

3 specific pages positively impacted purchase intent

However, with hundreds of pages on the site few potential leads ever viewed these pages


Drive new leads to the three most persuasive pages

Dynamically change emails to new leads based on profiling information



Client Actions

Client implemented the first recommendation and part of the second within 30 hours.


Conversion of leads increased 55%, with 14% of leads becoming customers.

Conversion increased >100% for leads driven by online campaigns, enabling the client to expand campaigns

How We Did It

Matching survey responses to customer database

Survey responses of new leads were matched to the client’s customer database, allowing us to see who ultimately converted – this revealed that awareness of the company’s value proposition was the best predictor of conversion

Matching survey responses to website behavior

By comparing purchase intent on arrival vs on exit, we measured how the website visit impacted purchase intent. By connecting change in purchase intent to website behavior, we saw how different content viewed impacted prospects.


Do you see this problem of leads not being aware of the value proposition a lot?

Surprisingly, yes. Many B2B companies focus measurement on lead generation and have gotten really good at that – however, they neglect telling their story (hurting end purchase). Having only minimal calls to action after someone becomes a lead is a huge missed opportunity.

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