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Customer journey touchpoints connected to a user's brain

Case Studies

KnowClick has a proven track record of identifying problems and providing breakthrough solutions that clients can (and do) execute on with strong results. Learn more about our process from these actual outcomes.

Doctor's Visit

Better Treatment Outcomes by Uncovering Unmet Patient Informational Needs

Pharma | Cardiovascular Drug

KnowClick's in-the-moment research on actual visitors to a cardiovascular drug's website uncovered an unexpected problem and opportunity. The site was designed for acquisition only, but more than half of visitors were current patients needing help with adherence. Learn how these insights led to site changes that save lives.

Featured Case Study

Online Shopping

3x Conversion

Multi-Channel Retailer | Ecommerce

90% of visitors abandoned checkout without purchasing, resulting in very low conversion rates. There was disagreement about the real problems: was it price, visitor intent to convert, or something else?

Doubled Digital Marketing Budget


The client had access to extensive web analytics, but no data on what mattered most: offline sales driven by the website. 

Some brands that care about the customer journey and user experience
Woman Shopping

Lifted Sales $7M

Multi-Channel Retailer

On the chopping block: Conversion of visitors driven by campaigns was low (only 0.8%) – executives were frustrated and considering shifting spend to other channels.

55% Lift in Leads Becoming Customers


The client was very good at driving leads, but only 9% became customers, limiting profitability and growth. The client thought the main problem was effectively following up via email with new leads.

Business Handshake
Doctor Using Digital Tablet

80% Lift in Qualified  HCP Leads

B2B | Healthcare

Only 1%  of website visitors became leads, far below expectations. The website had been redesigned based on user research  with the target audience. The client wanted to know why the redesign failed and how to fix it.

49% Lift in Offline Purchase Rate


The client wanted to use A/B testing to drive more offline sales from their brand website, but wasn't sure what to test or how to measure impact.

Out Shopping
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