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Financial Services

You have many different segments of visitors: high net worth, retail customers, prospective customers, and many more. They have vastly different needs. Do you know how you perform for each?

KnowClick helps you know how your site impacts each of these segments: their satisfaction, loyalty, intent to use you, their opinions of you, and more.

Use Cases

Full Impact of Digital

Know the impact your website has on brand consideration, loyalty, and offline acquisition

Performance vs. Potential

Know the “potential conversion” of prospective customers. Identify the cause of gaps between your potential and actual conversion

Website Optimization & Redesign

Understand the net impact each page has on visitors and understand which existing problems should be prioritized to fix while planning a new site

Campaign & Landing Page Optimization

Know who is driven by each campaign, and which are best at attracting new prospects. Know how to increase  engagement and conversion on your key landing pages

Case Studies

Computer with Graph

Doubled Digital Marketing Budget


Answering the questions web analytics raised


55% Lift in Leads Becoming Customers


Teaching a robust lead gen program how to seal the deal


Questions We Answer

Which behaviors indicate high interest in a service?
Are existing customers aware of your other services? What increases their awareness/interest?

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