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Doctor Using Digital Tablet

80% Lift in Qualified HCP Leads

Simple changes, major impact

Only 1%  of website visitors became leads, far below expectations. The website had been redesigned based on user experience research  with clinicians (the target audience). The client wanted to know why the redesign failed and how to fix it.


Medical Device Targeting HCPs

Website Goal:

Drive leads

KnowClick Insights


  1. Add a new lead gen path which offers a consultation with a technical expert.

  2. Add product content to the website, especially on device performance in clinical trial results and how this would help their practice.


Qualified lead generation increased 80% after the client implemented the recommendations. This also enabled the client to expand formerly marginal campaigns.

How We Did It

Optimized Surveys &
Bias Adjustment

Launched an arrival and exit survey. Adjusted the results for bias, since clinicians were less likely to take the survey than others

Matching survey responses to website behavior

Tracked and connected the website behavior of each person to their survey responses

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