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The goals of brand websites are to influence brand attitudes and drive offline purchase, but web measurement solutions don’t measure these.

KnowClick can measure the impact of your website on offline sales so that you can allot the proper resourcing based on the actual value that your site is providing to visitors.

Uncover which content is effective at increasing brand perceptions, awareness, and ultimately more sales.

Use Cases

Digital Impact

Measure the impact the site has on brand consideration and offline purchase

Brand Opportunities

Identify which content is most effective at improving brand perceptions, customer lifetime value, and product sales

Website Optimization & Redesign

Understand the net impact each page has on visitors and understand which existing problems should be prioritized to fix while planning a new site

Campaign Effectiveness

Learn how campaigns are impacting conversion, awareness, and perceptions

Case Studies

Computer with Graph

Doubled Digital Marketing Budget


Answering the questions web analytics raised

Woman Shopping

49% Lift in Offline Purchase Rate


Guiding online testing to solve for offline buying


Questions We Answer

What content resonates most with people who are new to the brand?

What do visitors need that's missing from the site?

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