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Medical Team


Understanding visitor needs is essential to providing relevant and effective content. Web analytics tools are great for knowing what pages visitors see on the site, but it doesn’t say which content was most effective at driving offline actions like talking with their doctor.

Our solution is fully HIPAA compliant and can be adapted to fit within the restraints of any additional security/privacy measures.

Use Cases

Digital Impact

Understand why patients’ likelihood to ask a doctor or HCPs’ likelihood to prescribe goes up or down after visiting your site


Identify which content is most effective for each audience (e.g. HCPs, patients, caregivers, etc.)

Website Optimization & Redesign

Understand the net impact each page has on visitors and understand which existing problems should be prioritized to fix while planning a new site


Learn how different audiences perceive your brand versus generic drugs/devices

Case Studies

Doctor Using Digital Tablet

80% Lift in Qualified HCP Leads

B2B | Healthcare

Diagnosing the pain points of a user-research guided site redesign

Scientist on Computer

55% Lift in Leads Becoming Customers


Teaching a robust lead gen program how to seal the deal


Questions We Answer

Are patients viewing HCP content? Why?
Do we need an unbranded site to help guide patients?

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