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Digital Analyst

  • This is not a typical job in digital analytics. You will have access to unique analytics data that you’ve never seen before

  • Your primary focus will be generating insights & actionable recommendations, not monthly reports

  • You will have the opportunity to present to key decision makers with a variety of some of the largest digital properties in the world, including e-commerce, brands, healthcare, and B2B

  • You will receive extensive training as well as direct mentorship from Executive Management


  1. Analysis: Perform analysis of the customer journey of website visitors

    • This includes analysis on an integrated dataset of visitor intentions, website behavior, satisfaction, and post-visit actions (such as in-store purchases)

    • Conduct in-depth analysis to uncover key areas for improvement

    • Create a clear and fact-based story to describe performance: what works, what doesn’t, and what needs to change

  2. Recommendations: Create improvement recommendations and present results to client

    • Create and prioritize improvement recommendations based on predicted impact on business goal (e.g. predicted revenue, leads, etc.)

    • Use KnowClick technology to create, setup, and run tests to validate high effort recommendations prior to client development work

    • Advise clients to guide the execution of recommendations

  3. Methodology: Design research methodology for clients

    • Determine overall research plan and success measures based on client goals. This includes:

      • Create and measure tests

      • Execute customized self-service client dashboards

      • Test and QC KnowClick implementation on client websites

  4. Product: Inform product direction and improvements

    • Provide ideas and requirements for product improvement

    • Monitor and test system on client websites

    • Advise client on system usage


  • Exceptional critical thinking and analytical skills

  • High integrity

  • Proven record of continuous improvement (e.g. self-improvement, process improvement, company/client improvement from your work).

  • Strong communication/storytelling skills

  • Bachelor’s degree in a quantitative field such as Economics, Business Analytics, Statistics is preferred. Quantitative work experience can substitute for a quantitative oriented degree

  • 2-4 years of professional experience in digital marketing, web analytics, data science, market research, or direct marketing preferred, but not required

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Full time


Salary commensurate with experience and capabilities.

Competitive benefits including healthcare (medical/vision/dental) and 401k plan.



Please send resume and cover letter to


KnowClick is a pioneer in creating advanced technology and innovative methodologies to measure the impact of every digital interaction. Our core solution is differentiated by its ability to uncover what users are thinking during every interaction, revealing critical insights such as:

  • How to satisfy more visitors

  • What stops them from converting

  • The specific changes that will turn visitors into customers

KnowClick insights and recommendations provide exceptional results for our clients: the average ROI for our clients is over 30 to 1.

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