CASE STUDY: Tripled Conversion (0.6% to 2.2%)

$29 Million Lift in Sales. >400 to 1 ROI.

Business Problem: 90% of visitors abandoned checkout without purchasing, resulting in very low conversion rates.

Client: Multi-channel national retailer
Website Goal: Drive sales online & offline

Business Problem

90% of visitors abandoned checkout without purchasing, resulting in very low conversion rates. Our client had previously conducted extensive user testing and other research, but the resulting changes barely shifted conversion. There was disagreement about the real problems: was it price, visitor intent to convert, or something else?


KnowClick identified the real problems and quantified the financial impact for each (very powerful for getting changes approved & fast tracked).

1. Lack of same day appointments. 30% came to make same day appointments. Almost all abandoned without converting.
Impact: $5-6 million/year lost revenue

2. Checkout flow & calls to action. Over 1/4 who abandoned before selecting an appointment time weren’t even aware they could make an appointment (they just didn’t notice the breadcrumb trail).
Impact: ~$5-10 million/year lost revenue

3. Confidence product is in stock. 1/3 abandoned because they were unsure if the product they wanted was in stock locally. This uncertainty occurred despite messaging on the product pages that said all products listed are available locally – some didn’t notice this and others didn’t trust it.
Impact: ~$5-12 million/year lost revenue

Client Actions

Client made the following changes within 3 months of receiving our recommendations:

  1. Added same day appointments
  2. Reordered checkout, with more persuasive calls to action
  3. Added stronger confirmation that products are in stock

Insight-Driven Checkout


Tripled conversion rate with far simpler changes than expected.
$29 million increase in online revenue per year (ROI >400 to 1).

So, how did we do it?

This insight was enabled by

  1. Capturing visitor intentions & conversion barriers at key checkout pages
  2. Connecting these intentions & barriers to their checkout behavior

Combining intentions with behavior is what makes our insight so actionable.

A few examples:

Micro survey targeting visitors who just added to cart: By connecting their responses to their behavior, we saw that 95% of visitors looking to make a same day appointment abandoned checkout.

Customized abandonment survey targeting visitors exiting after steps in checkout: Here we found that many wanted confirmation that the product really was in stock – while some called the company to confirm, many others decided to go to a competitor.


Q: Do people really respond to these surveys?

Yes. Our average response rate was 18%, and we received >3000 responses in one month. Relevant questions that feel like part of the experience can get a great response.

Q: Does showing a survey invitation hurt conversion by creating friction?

Not when done effectively. We always track the behavior of those invited vs those not (akin to an A/B test). In this case, conversion was the same for both groups. We have optimized the invitation and questions displayed to ensure no impact.

Q: What behaviors do you track?

For this client, we tracked the content viewed for each respondent and segmented behavior by each response. That includes whether they converted this visit, whether they converted in a later visit, or whether they left and never came back.

We can also read dynamic content on the page (e.g. items added to cart) and see how visitor attitudes and intentions vary.

Our clients have allowed KnowClick to share this information on the condition that their name (and sometimes industry) is not included.

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